Mission Statement of the Globtra Foundation

Our mission is to support science and entrepreneurship based on knowledge and innovation. We want to achieve this by helping people, who do not speak foreign languages, with easier communication on global markets. Our wish is to help entrepreneurs at various stages of development in their activities abroad.

We support development of the technology of the future in the translation industry

Translation tools, machine translation – these are the technologies of the future which have an increasingly bigger impact on how the language industry looks. The latest technological advancements contribute to simplifying the work of every Translator already today. We are convinced that they can help in an even more effective way.

One of our statutory objectives is to promote the use of the latest technologies in the daily live. This also applies to professional activity, including the work of a Translator. We promote the technologies of the future thanks to which working with language can become fast, more efficient and more pleasant.


We support growth of the translation community based on innovative technologies, common values and knowledge. Our goals are achieved through organising webinars for Translators, sharing practical knowledge on our blog as well as developing the technology of the future in translation, and more.

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The idea behind the foundation is to co-operate with scientific centres, which focus on educating young people in terms of language and linguistics (foreign language learning). We take an active part in start-up projects offering assistance to future entrepreneurs in fulfilling their plans, through language support, advice and mentoring.

Support for Translators

We want Translators to improve their competences and skills. We support their personal and professional growth, organising training courses and webinars related to the area of specialised translation as well as the use of tools making their work easier. We also provide continuous access to translation orders guaranteeing solid and flexible work for Translators.

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Our objectives

  • Charity work
  • Supporting innovative solutions in the area of social life
  • Promoting the use of innovative technologies
  • Developing and strengthening pro-civic attitudes
  • Activities benefiting organisations whose statutory objectives are similar to the objectives of the Globtra Foundation Activities supporting economic growth
  • Activities benefiting European integration
  • Supporting professional and personal growth of Translators

President of the Management Board of the Globtra Foundation, sworn translator, graduate of the Faculty of Neophilology at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, post-graduate studies in Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) at the Wielkopolska Business School at the Poznań University of Economics in cooperation with The Nottingham Trent University in Great Britain, as well as The Strategic Leadership Academy at ICAN Institute in Warsaw, in cooperation with Harvard Business Publishing. In 1994-2011, she was employed in managerial roles in production companies with foreign capital, operating in Poland and abroad. She holds the EBC*L Certificate (European Business Competence* Licence). In her personal life, she is a fan of the mountains.

Agnieszka Chmielewska

Who are we? Our staff

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Krystian Stypuła

One of the founders of, the biggest Polish provider of hosting and domain registration services as well as value-added services. After selling the company to an industry investor, he has been an active investor, advisor and consultant, achieving success in subsequent projects. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Management at the University of Szczecin. In his personal life, he is an enthusiast of good books, a jogger and a sports fan.

Anna Gargula

Graduate of the University of Göttingen, specialising in Spanish linguistics, Italian and Slavic Philology. In 2007-2012, she was hired in companies with foreign capital, working as a senior key account manager in the e-commerce industry. She is a holder of the “Level 5 Award in Leadership and Management” Certificate awarded by The Institute of Leadership and Management in London. In her personal life, she is a happy mum and a fan of healthy smoothies.

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